The Lackawanna Plaza Redevelopment Plan

Enlivening the eastern end of Montclair Center with a vibrant mix of new uses

Project Overview

Every ten years, the State of New Jersey requires municipalities to update their Master Plan to set forth planning priorities. The Township received a grant to study the economic, environmental and social benefits of sustainable growth and the type of density appropriate for a pedestrian-oriented downtown environment. Montclair Township’s Master Plan is the Unified Land Use and Circulation Element, which was adopted in May 2015 after substantial review and well attended hearings. This document, which was amended in April 2017, assigned density according to the Montclair Center Downtown (C2) land use classification to the various areas referred to in the Draft Lackawanna Plaza Redevelopment Plan.

The Draft Lackawanna Plaza Redevelopment Plan is consistent with the Unified Land Use and Circulation Element and reflects a culmination of two years of input from community members, neighbors, business leaders and Township officials. The Draft Lackawanna Plaza Redevelopment Plan is also consistent with the Township’s 2016 Master Plan Reexamination Report, and it furthers the objective of redeveloping an underutilized property in a key location in the Township with a mix of uses.

Together, The Hampshire Companies and The Pinnacle Companies are proposing a high quality mixed-use project that aligns with the Township’s key planning documents to create a vibrant, walkable center of activity designed to emphasize and complement the site’s important historic assets while enlivening the area in a way that resonates for generations to come.


News & Updates

The Planning Board will review the Draft Lackawanna Plaza Redevelopment Plan at its meeting June 26, 2017.