Community Enhancements


The Lackawanna Redevelopment proposal brings a variety of benefits to the community through the execution of the objectives stated in the Township’s visioning process. This proposal balances the competing objectives identified in the Township’s Draft Redevelopment Plan by:

Providing space for a new supermarket

Preserving important historic elements including the Lackawanna Train Station and terminal, horse trough and masonry obelisks

Ensuring pedestrian access throughout the site

Incorporating 2 acres open spaces in key locations

Providing residential uses

Together, fulfillment of these objectives will culminate in the highest and best use of the property.

Benefits of the Redevelopment

Amenities in High Demand

The Lackawanna Redevelopment proposal will bring amenities in high-demand to Montclair Township. Shifting demographic trends have increased the demand for multifamily residential. This proposal will add new housing variety to help attract and retain young professionals and empty-nesters.

The retail space in this redevelopment proposal will bring a new grocery option to fill the void left by the vacant Pathmark supermarket. Residents will once again have convenient access to affordable groceries.

Walkable Center of Activity

This redevelopment proposal creates the “live work play” lifestyle by employing a high-quality design with interconnected walking paths and visual breaks through the Plan Area. Streetscapes will be enhanced through the creation of inviting and attractive public spaces, including an open space public plaza on Bloomfield Avenue and other open space amenities.

Historic Preservation

This redevelopment proposal will honor the site’s history by preserving the historic train station and terminal, horse trough and masonry obelisks on the site. As the township evolves, the historic train station will be retained as part of the Township’s identity as an integrated blend of the old with the new. Adapting the use of these historic components will ensure the eastern end of Montclair Center will retain the connection to its historic past and vibrancy.