Property Overview



A balance between suburb and city is one of Montclair Township’s many strengths. With efforts well underway to enhance the western gateway to Montclair Center, the Lackawanna Plaza redevelopment will enliven a key crossroad at the eastern end of Montclair Center with a new mix of uses, invigorating streetscapes and creating a walkable center of activity.

The site will be anchored by a brand-new, 28,509-square-foot Lidl grocery store on Bloomfield Avenue. By bringing Lidl to Montclair, this redevelopment will fill the grocery store vacancy left by Pathmark in 2015. The redevelopment will also create 35,714 square feet of retail space and 21,032 square feet of office space. A 153-unit mixed-use residential building is also planned for the east side of the site along Grove Street.


This redevelopment will breathe new life into the Lackawanna Station shopping center and its adjoining parcels in Montclair Township. The site currently consists of two parcels, separated by Grove Street. The west side of Grove Street is home to the historic former Delaware Lackawanna & Western railroad terminal, which is now occupied by a restaurant, a vacant approximately 20,000 square foot office building, a vacant former Pathmark supermarket and an enclosed, nearly abandoned shopping mall. The east side of Grove Street is currently used for surface parking to serve the retail uses on the west parcel.


Convenient Supermarket

Open Space Plaza

Quality Residential